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RADIO INTERVIEWS (Interview may play in Windows Media Player and/or download) Times are the final edited time.

11.02.2012 Interview Recording
WLW 700 AM (Cinicinnati, OH)
Format: Talk Radio
Scott Sloan, host

11.02.2012 Interview Recording
Mancow Syndicated - FOX News, WPWR Ch 50 TV (Chicago, IL)
Format: Talk Radio & TV: Mancow's Morning Madhouse/Mancow Experience 
Matthew Erich "Mancow" Muller, host

11.01.2012 Interview Recording
WPTF 680 AM (Raleigh, NC)
Format: Talk Radio
Rick Matrinez, host

11.01.2012 Interview Recording: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
KREL 1580, KRCN 1060 AM, KRCN1060.com (Longmont, CO)
Format: Talk Radio & Internet 
Tom Shefield, John N., hosts

11.01.2012 Interview Recording
Michigan's Big Show Syndicated (Lansing, MI)
Format: Talk Radio
Michael Patrick Shiels, host


10.30.2012 Interview Recording
KXL AM-750 (Portland, OR)
Format: Talk Radio
Chris Brown, host

10.28.2012 Interview Recording
Syndicated +400 terrestrial stations (Baton Rouge, LA)
Format: Talk Radio: JimBrownUSA-Common Sense Network 
Jim Brown, host

10.25.2012 Interview Recording
WOWO AM-1190 (Fort Wayne, IN)
Format: Talk Radio
Casey Hendrickson, host

10.23.2012 No Recording
KFWB AM-980 (Los Angeles, CA)
Format: Talk Radio
Maggie Mckay, host

10.22.2012 Interview Recording (8:53 min)
WSBA-AM 910 (York, PA)
Format: Talk Radio, multiple segments 
Gary Sutton, host

10.17.2012 Interview Recording (5:27 min)
WPFT-AM 680 (Raleigh, NC)
Format: Talk Radio
Josh Zach, host

10.16.2012  Interview Recording Part 1 (13:15 min)
KDSR-AM 1480 (Watertown, SD) Interview Recording Part 2 (11:22 min)
Format: Talk Radio
Jeff Anderson, host

10.16.2012 No Recording (6 min)
WBCK-AM 930 (Battle Creek, MI)
Format: Talk Radio
Roy LaFontain, host

10.23.2012 Interview Recording (20 min)
WCEM-AM 1240 (CAmbridge, MD)
Format: Talk Radio
Dr. Kay Elvey, host

10.12.2012 Interview Recording (17:34 min)
KBKW-AM 1450 (Aberdeen, WA)
Format: Talk Radio
Doug McDowell, host

10.11.2012 Interview Recording (6:40 min)
KTOK-AM 1000 (Oklahoma City, OK)
Format: Talk Radio
Lee Mathews, host

10.11.2012 Interview Recording (5:39 min)
KBND-AM 1110 (Bend, OR)
Format: Talk Radio
Frank 'da Count' Bonacquisti, host

10.11.2012 Interview Recording (10 min)
KFKA-AM 1310 (Greely, CO)
Format: Talk Radio
Tom Lucero & Devon Lentz, hosts

10.10.2012 Interview Recording  ( min)
KREL/KKKK/KRCN-AM 1580 (Longmont, CO)
Format: Talk Radio
Tom Sheffield, host

10.10.2012 Interview Recording (11:42 min)
WABJ-AM 1140 (Adrian, MI)
Format: Talk Radio
Peter Stewart, host

10.9.2012 Interview Recording (11:45 min)
WPRR-AM 1680 &  95.3 FM (Grand Rapids, MI)
Format: Talk Radio
Jeremiah Bannister, host (PaleoRadio)

10.9.2012 Interview Recording Part 1 (13:14 min)
WISR-AM 680 (Butler, PA)  Interview Recording Part 2 (10:11 min)
Format: Talk Radio
Dave Malarkey, host

10.9.2012  Interview Recording (9:58 min)
WALT-AM 910 & 102.1 FM (Meridian, MS)
Format: Talk Radio
Roger Burke & Ralph Henson, hosts

10.5.2012 Interview Recording (13:16 min)
KPQ-AM 560 (Wenatchee, WA)
Format: Talk Radio
Ken Johannesen, host

10.4.2012 Interview Recording (4:54 min)
KRDO-AM 1240 - 105.5 FM (Colorado Springs, CO)
Format: Talk Radio
Mike Lewis & Fred Halistied, hosts

10.4.2012 Interview Recording ( 5:26 min)
WRPN-AM 1600 (FrankfRipon, WI)
Format: Talk Radio
Jason Mansmith, host

10.3.2012 Interview Recording ( 9:34 min)
KKAR-AM 1290 (Omaha, NE)
Format: Talk Radio
Tom Becka & Kahm, hosts

10.3.2012 Interview Recording-Part 1 (13:29 min)
WILO-AM 1410 (Frankfort, IN) Interview Recording Part 2 (12:20 min), Interview Recording Part 3 (21:26 min) 
Format: Talk Radio
Elaine Walden & Vern Kaspar, hosts

10.3.2012 Interview Recording (7:52 min)
WICH-AM 1310 (Westminister, CO)
Format: Talk Radio
Mark Wayne, host

10.3.2012 Interview Recording (5:52 min)
WBSM 1420 AM (Fairhaven, MA)
Format: Talk Radio
Pete Braley, host

10.3.2012  Interview Recording ( 5:07min)
WJIM AM 1240 (Lansing, MI)
Format: Talk Radio 
Steve Gruber & Jo Anne Paul, hosts  

10.2.2012 Interview Recording (3:15 min)
KERN-AM 1410 (Bakersfield, CA)
Format: Talk Radio
Jeff Lemucchi, host

10.2.2012 Interview Recording (18 min)
KPOF-AM 910(Westminister, CO)
Format: MUSIC - 4 segments 
Roy Hanske, Denise, Gordy, hosts

10.2.2012  Interview Recording (21:12min)
WELI 960 AM (Hamden, CT)
Format: Talk Radio
Vinnie Penn, host

10.2.2012  Interview Recording (9 min)
WRNJ AM 1000  (Hackettstown, NJ)
Format: Talk Radio
Rich Appel & Joyce Estey, hosts 



9.28.2012 Interview Recording (15:28 min)
WAMD-AM 970 (Aberdeen, MD)
Format: Talk Radio
Mark Schlotman & Cindy Mumby, hosts

9.25.2012 Interview Recording Pt 1 (19:26 min)
WSAL-AM 1150 (Salina, KS) Interview Recording Pt 2 (20:11 min)
Format: Talk Radio
Clarke Sanders & Nancy Hodges, hosts

9.25.2012 Interview Recording (10:34 min)
WDUN AM 550 and FM 102.9 Radio (Gainesville, GA)
Format: Talk Radio 
Joel Williams and Al Gainey, hosts

9.21.2012  Interview Recording (5:28 min)
WDUN AM 550 and FM 102.9 Radio (Gainesville, GA)
Format: Talk Radio 
Bill Maine & Joel Williams, hosts

 9.21.2012 Interview Recording (15:49 min)
WBGZ-AM 1570 (Alton, IL)
Format: Talk Radio
Mike Montgomery, host

120921 No Recording Available (15 min)
WGMD FM 92.7 (Rehoboth Beach, DE)
Format: Talk Radio
Bill Colley, host    

120911 Interview Recording (7:28 min)
KID News radio 590 AM/92.1 FM (Idaho Falls, ID)
Format: Talk Radio
Neal Larson & Cala Curtis, hosts

120906 Interview Recording (19 min)
Blog Talk Radio (WI)
Format: Interviews - Dresser After Dark 
Micheal Dresser, host

120815 Interview Recording (14:57 min)

KORN-AM Radio (Mitchell, SD) ()
Format: Talk News
Clay Mick, host 

120802 Interview Recording  (8:40 min)

KTFS-FM Radio (Texarkana, TX)
Format: Talk News
Jeff Akin, host

120723 Interview Recording (19:44 min)

KBAR -AM Radio (Rupert, ID)
Format: Talk News (8-11AM)
Zeb Bell, host

120608 Interview Recording (7:46 min)

KXYL-FM Radio (Brownwood, TX)
Format: Talk News
Brian Wade & JR Williams, hosts


120709 Interview Recording (14:35 min)

KUHL - AM Radio (Santa Maria-Santa Barbara, CA)
Format: talk news
Andy Caldwell, host with Donald C. Mann

120611 Interview Recording (8:35 min)
WDIS-AM Radio (Norfolk, MA)
Format: talk news
Dan Collier, host

120614 Interview Recording (10:15 min)

KJFF-Am Radio (Festus MO)
Format: Talk News
Matt West, host

12065 Interview Recording - Part 1 (26 min)

WTOT-FM-WGEA Radio (Dothan, AL) Interview Recording - Part 2 (27 min)
Format: Talk News
Jack Mizell, host

120702 Interview Recording (26:30 min)
KBLL-AM Radio (Helena, MT)
Format: Talk News
Jay Scott, host

120713 Interview Recording (6:16 min)

WXBR-AM Radio (Brockton MA)
Format: Talk News
Ron Van Dam, host with Donald C. Mann

120716 Interview Recording (10:30 min)

WOSO-AM Radio (San Juan PR)
Format: Talk News
Sherman Wildman, host

120522 Interview Recording (20 min)

KBAR -AMRadio (Rupert, ID)
Format: Talk News (8-11AM)
Zeb Bell, host

120604 Interview Recording (12min)

WOCA Radio (Gainesville, FL)
Format: Talk News
Larry Whitler & Robin MacBane, hosts



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